Dear Phantom

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Dear Phantom

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Phantom, this is Kablah. I wanna start off by saying that I am sorry for offending you. I had no intention of causing any of this.
I was in no way trying to justify what I do. I agree with you that it is not, by any means, a "smart" choice. It is simply a choice that I have unfortunately made. I'm hoping we can disregard this transgression as a matter of the past. Regardless, I hope we can talk about this and, at least, reach an understanding. We obviously have different outlooks on the subject and I'd love to put our differences aside and enjoy the game. I guess I'm just asking that you please at least consider removing my ban. I would love to continue playing on the server, which you so kindly host and maintain. I understand my fault in even mentioning this and will make sure that this subject never arises again.
I understand that you are the host/editor of this server/site and that it is ultimately your word that goes enforced. I would just hate to have a personal preference such as this affect how this ever-fading game, Tribes, is played.
Thanks and I hope to hear from ya.


Chris a.k.a. KaBLaH

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Alright. I'll lift the ban. I wish you hadn't posted this publicly, but whatever.

I hope the issue doesn't come up again.