Weapon list thread?

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Weapon list thread?

Post by Nihil »

Ye. Would be appreciate if I could get some names.
Generally I am looking for bludgeon weapon names. But in future it would be nice to have whole thread of names and a bit of details.
So far I got these: (Attack / requirement in skill / weight / delay)
Newbie Gear
-Club (12/0/3/1)
-Quarer Staff (35/20/5/1.6)
-Spiked Club (30/60/3/1)
-Mace (78/140/6/2)
After that I may forgot about something
-Hammer Pick (80/300/5/1.6)
possible hole
-War Hammer (146/768/8/2.6)
-War Maul (175/900/7/2.3)

Could someone help me with other names or something? Would be grateful for other weapons too :)

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Post by cfanubis »

There used to be a full list somewhere, but as this mod is multiple combined, i think it might be a bit harder to track em all down

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Re: Weapon list thread?

Post by Sourdough »

go to vendors alley and go to the weapons dealer, then catalog different items, i htink it says the skill levels on each thing, if not #w each item

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