New Tribes Repack 20

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New Tribes Repack 20

Post by phantom »

Tribes Repack release 20 is out now. Get it here.

(On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the installer must be run as administrator in order to function.)
Changes in release 20 (September 30, 2013):
-Many new shapes added including redesigned town interiors and furniture.
-Added code to make changing controls easier (with RPG NPC assistance).
-Added a feature for letting the server set a view distance.
-Fixed minor bug which resulted in the need to press 'i' twice to exit shops.
Recent changes in my main RPG server:
-"Share pack" menu added, click someone's name in the tab menu.
-More 'back' options added in belt menus.
-Necromancy summon strength balanced.
-Necromancy summons altered to handle death better.

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Post by plasmaX »

When you say balanced, are they weaker or more powerful? Or maybe my necromancy just isn't good enough, because when I tried to get 1k necro to summon golems, all they did was die and run away from the demons in hell keep :\

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