New Tribes Repack 21

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New Tribes Repack 21

Post by phantom »

Tribes Repack release 21 is out now. Get it here.

(On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the installer must be run as administrator in order to function.)
Changes in release 21 (May 11, 2014):
-New ghost model.
-Auto-join improved.
-New player creation improved.
-Master server list updated.
-Added a great deal more LT maps.
-Improved number key binds to not require itemdata blocks.
-Fixed missing replacement textures in the minimal Repack.
-Tribes RPG is now using the GPL license.
-Improved the included Tribes RPG server. Base RPG is now v6.0. All servers may benefit from the new additions.
--NPC menu system from Phantom Worlds RPG is now standard. #say may still be used.
--Default talk is #global, tab option is now a submenu with 3 options.
--Server detects when an entering player doesn't have RPG, kicks with a link.
--Connection spam protection.
--Improved remoteSay hack fix, quest scripts should work fine again.
--Autoremort level increases with remorts.
--Hail and snowstorms from main server ported.
--New battle messages from main server ported.
--Blood spray from main server ported.
--Misc code improvements.
--Belt added. Ammunition and Gems are belt items. Belt can handle more than 500/item. Also frees up itemdata blocks.
--Must now be close to shops/banks to use them. No more mining and storing at the same time.
--Weapon fast-swinging protection improved.
--Smithing upgraded to the #smith command from tvt, for compatibility with belt.
--Saveworld is truly fixed now. Saves packs properly.
--rpgmap5 retains compatibility with original RPG clients.
--rpgmap6 contains new shapes.
Recent changes in my main RPG server:
-You can now #w skills.
-Slashing has a special attack using the T key to knock weapons out of the enemy's hand.
-Messages in chat hud are less spammy.
-EXP saves every 50 earned, making it less likely to be lost if the server crashes.
-Upgradeable armour can now be smithed into better armours, and it will keep the upgrades.
-All kinds of small changes here and there.

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Re: New Tribes Repack 21

Post by katie »

ooh I see this, fankoo phantom

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