New Tribes Repack 22

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New Tribes Repack 22

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Tribes Repack release 22 is out now. Get it here.

(On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the installer must be run as administrator in order to function.)
Changes in release 22 (Oct 01, 2014):
-Added xpobjs.vol, needed for some LT maps. Hopefully the last piece of this needlessly fragmented client-side mod.
-Small keybind related fixes and improvements.
-Small view distance related fixes.
-Bugfixes related to RPG auto-connect.
-Improved horse models.
-Fixed a cursor disappearing problem.
-Included Base RPG is now v6.1
--Small keybind related improvements.
--Improvements to connectivity code.
--Spawn improvements, no more black screens on login.
--Improved death handling for AI and for players.
--Other small bugs fixed.
--Fixed a moderately severe security issue.
--Improved server interface, for the operator.
Recent changes in the main RPG server:
-All weapons (all items) are in the tab inventory now, formerly known as Belt. This enables future improvements that were not possible before.
-Music NPC added, can play every song in the game.
-Many spells are now projectiles.
-Lots of efficiency improvements. Spamming change weapon no longer strains the server.
-Item info displays are slightly more stylized now.
-Added compass in tab menu, much friendlier (and more features) than the # commands it replaced.
-Fixed bug that caused bots to not drop items they picked up from players.
-Weather improvements.
-World time message improvements.
-Ban system reworked.
-Added in the new horses.
-Rochham redesigned.

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