New Tribes Repack 11

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New Tribes Repack 11

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Tribes Repack release 11 is out now. Get it here (462 MB).

(The patches are only for updating old repack versions; if you do not have the repack, do not download them)
A patch to update older versions of the repack to version 8 is here (79 MB).
A patch to update version 8 to version 9 is here (1.2 MB).
A patch to update version 9 to version 10 is here (1.8 MB).
A patch to update version 10 to version 11 is here (4.5 MB).

(On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the installer must be run as administrator in order to function.)
Changes in release 11 (April 5, 2011):
-Additional options in voice menu.
-Added walkbovRPGObjsTex.vol & walkbovDragon.vol - Bovidi and Walk made this for Tribes 1.40 RPG, and helped me port it to here (actually they did most of the work).
-Added missing skin for dragon flyer.
-Added new inventory camera HUD.
-New hack fix, with several new vulnerabilities fixed.
-hack fix server (what you would host) now has new features:
--repack users get a different base skin (repack users only).
--music now ends instantly when exiting a zone (repack users only).
--music now begins soon after entering a zone.
--keybinds are now included, some for all users and some (numpad) just for repack users.
Recent changes in my main RPG server (since last repack update):
-Using #set to bind a key now pops up the list of sets for that area of keyboard, with the current change highlighted.
-Zones now unload sooner when teleporting/spawning into them, fixing a bug that made you fall into buildings occasionally.
-Zones now unload when exited, fixing two related bugs that don't seem related.
--Sky changing doesn't cause glitches nearly as often.
--Objects and players no longer occasionally go invisible for no apparent reason.
-Hail no longer hits players above level 15.
-#build can now be used inside dungeons, although a mysterious force prevents it from being used near enemy spawn points.
-More random quotes have been added.

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